Hey folk! Thanks a bunch for coming over to visit my webpages. This site is called “Only Sound Machines” because that’s what we will be talking about for the most part. Now when I say sound machines, I’m not trying to say that we are only going to discuss machines that make sounds. That’s part of it of course, but what I really wanted to convey to you was that we are going to discuss machines that are sound.

Let me give you a quick definition of sound in the context with which I am using it. Something competent, sensible, or valid. In this case, that something is machines. 

We will be covering all kinds of machines from big to little. Machines that are very technical and some that are as simple as pie. We will be testing some of them and describing the “soundness” of them and giving you a review of sorts. Some machines will just tickle our fancy and we will just do research on the product and give you the details about it.

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